It could happen to you.

The following is a true story from the founder of Check Out Your Mate.

I met someone through a well known and respectable online dating website and although he seemed nice, my gut instincts were telling me something wasn’t right.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, he was spoiling me with meals out, gifts, taking me away and, in fact, I couldn’t find fault with the way he was treating me. So I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even my girl friends were impressed with how he was treating me. So I just put my feelings of being unsure about him down to not really fancying him and him not being my usual type.

In the end I began to do some digging and found he may have been married. I asked him about this; of course he denied it and came up with a convincing and plausible account. So much so, that even my girl friends believed it and felt a little sorry for him. However, my gut instincts didn’t go away. I did some more digging whilst simultaneously keeping up appearances that everything was fine between us.

When I concluded my investigation I had attained a copy of his marriage certificate and added his wife as a friend on facebook. I then sent his wife a very long and detailed email telling her that I had recently been dating someone new and that it may be her husband.

He must have had the fright of his life upon realising I had added his wife on facebook as he called her up at work, told her she needed to come home immediately. He sat her down and told her he had actually been dating FIVE other women! Where he got the time, energy and money to do that from heaven knows?

This experience was enough for me to realise that something needed to be done to prevent more people falling prey to similar fraudsters.

Think that’s bad? It could have been much worse..

12.5.2012 - A man was targeted for £15,000 on an online dating blackmail scam.

05.05.2012 - A 35 year old man from Chelmsford was convicted of stealing money and jewellery from four women he met online.

19.03.2012 - The Telegraph reports of an Online dating warning being issued after a woman was raped and beaten. She had met him online and after speaking for days they met up. She refused to kiss him on the date. He knocked her to the ground, ripped her tights off and raped her. The Police Officer in the case advised people to be cautious with online dating and thoroughly vet individuals

Nov 2011 - Criminal trial for an online dating romance scam. The Defendant was based in Ghana and was on trial for defrauding women in the UK.

28/09/2011 - The Guardian reported an online dating scam that dupes 200,000 individuals. The individual losses ranged from £50 - £240,000.