check out your mate.

Bronze Package  £19.99

Check public records and Social Network information.

Silver Package  £29.99

Same as Bronze PLUS Business records, bankruptcy searches and employer confirmation.

Gold Package  £49.99

Same as Silver PLUS DVLA, property ownership and marriage & birth records.

Platinum Package

This is a bespoke package that we tailor to your own specific requirements.
Quotations are available on request.

How it works.

To begin with please select the package / level of check you would like us to perform. Once you have selected a package, please fill out the details we will require in order to perform our background check. The more information you can give us at this stage the quicker and more accurate our results will be. Once your form has been submitted you will be redirected to our payment page. This links directly to our secure Paypal site. Once payment has been received it's over to us!

We aim to get the results back to you ASAP, however the average time is 3 days. We will contact you via email with a certificate indicating either Green, Amber or Red.

Green - Check performed. Everything seems legitimate in accordance to the information provided.
Amber - Check performed. Most of the information provided is legitimate. One or two discrepancies found.
Red - Check performed. Multiple discrepancies found. Some serious.

In the unlikely event our results do return with a Red certificate we may contact you via telephone as well as the initial email to offer help and advice. If you do not wish to be contacted by phone, please say so in your contact form.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with carrying out a background check on someone. It's far better to be 100% safe than 100% sorry. Good luck and we look forward to being of assistance!