about us.

The founder of Check Out Your Mate is a legal professional and now a member of the Association of British Investigators. She, herself, was fooled by a serial dater.

To be frank, she is an intelligent, savvy and streetwise individual who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Due to the nature of her job she is extremely perceptive and often aware of when she is being lied to. However, after being fooled herself, she realised that if she can be duped then other people don’t stand much of a chance either!

We know that in life there are people out there who, despite appearing very genuine, are anything but.

They can be very convincing - some would probably make great actors or actresses. They can appear so authentic they should be given an Oscar! They even convince themselves that what they are saying is the truth. They don't care who they hurt or affect in the process.

Check Out Your Mate aims to put a stop to this.