Are you currently dating or perhaps just thinking about joining the dating game again?

This site could be right up your street.

Check Out Your Mate aims to make dating safer by enabling you to carry out a basic background check on the person you’re keen on.

You can do your homework on them, check that they are who they say they are and, essentially, not be fooled or end up on the receiving end of a dating horror story.

It is common practice these days to look up hotel reviews prior to booking a holiday, look up product reviews prior to buying the latest gadget and even to get a mechanic to check over a car you’re thinking of buying.

So why is it then, that when we meet someone new, we don’t check them out?

Surely our own personal safety is more important to us than hotels, gadgets and cars?

After all, we potentially intend to let our new partners into our world, our home, to spend time away together, let them meet our family and help parent our children even. Yet all we really know about them is whatever they've told us and vice versa.

This is where Check Out Your Mate comes in.

Check Out Your Mate Limited is hoping to change everyone’s perception and stereotypes of getting background checks done. We want to raise individuals' awareness for their own personal safety and above all, we don’t want you to open up your world, let someone new into your life and heart and then find out later that they are either married or some kind of serial dater / fraudster. You’ve only to take a look at our True stories page to see what can, and in fact has, happened to other people.

Don’t let this be you. Do your homework and be savvy about your personal safety.

Our site isn’t intended to scare you or put you off dating. It’s just about raising awareness and educating people on personal safety and most of all making dating safer.